A New Local Macaron Favorite: PiipaCakes + GIVEAWAY

**Update 8/5/2014 – Macaron Giveaway is now closed.  Winners have been contacted separately.**

Orange County may have its share of healthy eateries, organic produce departments, and gluten-free menu choices, but every now and then we like to splurge on decadent desserts and sweet treats.

Whenever I get that urge to eat something sweet, nothing gets me more excited than the crispy-on-the-outside-yet-chewy-on-the-inside texture and taste of a macaron.


Sure, you can make a quick trip to Layer Cake or ‘Lette Macarons and get your macaron fix, but if I’m going to pay almost $2 for a single macaron, I want that macaron to taste pretty darn awesome.

Enter: PiipaCakes.

PiipaCakes is not a store-front but rather a local caterer based in Irvine that specializes in unique, custom-ordered macarons.  PiipaCakes was officially launched in March 2014 by Sophia Van, a UCLA graduate with a master’s degree from USC.  Sophia has been baking since she was a teenager and used it as a way of stress-relief during her college years.  Small requests from family and friends eventually blossomed into larger custom orders.  Upon completing her master’s program at USC, Sophia was ready to turn her passion for baking into a business.  Recognizing her talent for making macarons using the French method, Sophia created PiipaCakes and takes orders of macarons exclusively at this time.

Sophia’s signature is her use of all-natural ingredients.  She uses no artificial flavoring, no flavored powders.  For instance, she steams and mashes real taro root when making her delicious hand-made taro macarons; her mango macarons are made with fresh mangoes.  She balances it all out with just the right amount of sugar and sweetness.  What you get is a very delicate, subtle flavor that is sweetened just enough to make you hum with delight yet have you wanting more.  It’s an amazing feeling.


What I love about PiipaCakes is the variety of flavors that you don’t often see in regular bakeries in town.  My personal favorite from PiipaCakes is the black sesame macaron.  Other flavors include (but are not limited to): adzuki red bean, strawberry cheesecake, grapefruit, zesty lemon, earl grey tea, campfire s’mores, sea salt caramel latte, hazelnutella, and several others that are making my mouth water right about now.  And if there’s a flavor that you have on your mind, suggest it to Sophia so that she can create the perfect custom order for you – now THAT’S customer service!



Although you may not be able to walk into a store and buy some macarons from PiipaCakes on a moment’s notice, Sophia often has special assorted boxes of macarons for sale at any given time (aka a “flash sale”) announced on Instagram and Facebook.  Delivery terms are flexible within Orange County and Los Angeles County – just work it out with Sophia and you’ll have your assorted box(es) in no time.  Cash or check is accepted upon delivery, or you can pay online using your credit card.  It’s waaaaay too easy.

And if you think these custom orders are more expensive than the ones from a store-front bakery, think again.  These macarons are competitively priced for what you get, perhaps even a bargain if you consider the great customization and customer service you get from Sophia.

Whether you have a small 10-person birthday party or huge wedding event, get in touch with PiipaCakes and find out how Sophia can make your special day even more sweet and memorable.

Be on the lookout for new macaron flavors and desserts from PiipaCakes, coming soon.  You can stay connected with PiipaCakes via Facebook and Instagram, or you can visit www.PiipaCakes.com to place an order.

So what does “Piipa” mean?  The story behind the name is actually a very sweet one.  Go ahead and place an order with PiipaCakes and ask Sophia about it the next chance you get!

NEWSFLASH:  CBS Los Angeles Local News just heralded PiipaCakes to be one of the top five BEST places for macarons in Orange County!  Read more about it here.

GIVEAWAY:  We are giving away FIVE assorted boxes of macarons (six macarons per box)!  Here’s how to enter:

1)   “Like” PiipaCakes on Facebook

2)   “Like” PiipaCakes on Instagram

3)   Leave a comment below for this particular blog post indicating that you completed both steps #1 and #2.

Entries must be completed by Friday, August 1, 2014 @ 11:59pm PST.  Participants must be able to accept delivery of macarons at locations within Los Angeles County and Orange County only.  Winners will be randomly selected and announced on Monday, August 4, 2014.  Only one box per winner. 🙂

Good luck!


For more info about PiipaCakes and other local favorites in Orange County, feel free to contact me.

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  1. Carolsue says:

    I did steps #1 and #2
    Instagram = Cezovski9
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  2. Stephanie says:

    I did step #1. I didn’t do step #2 because I don’t have an Instagram account.

  3. Calee says:

    I did 1 and 2! I love macarons!

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