Local Spotlight: OC Goodwill Boutique

What do torn jeans, cut up records, and kitschy artwork have in common? They all have been upcycled to create merchandise vignettes at OC’s newest boutique…Goodwill. Close your jaw, you read right. The most unique boutique is in the heart of Tustin spanning 8,800 square feet of urban chic. Think […] Read more »

Orange County: Unplugged

These days, kids can’t get enough of Instagram, Facebook, and the internet. Generation Z  aka The Milennials are any whiz kid born from 1998-2000.  They’ve grown up  instantaneously, expecting everything: internet, cell phones, iPad, iTouch, GPS, apps, and games all at a single touch.  Gone are the days of problem […] Read more »

OC Highlight: Living a Healthy Lifestyle in Orange County

Eating healthy, being healthy, and all around anything to do with good health is a life mantra for me. I grew up eating mostly organic and instead of traditional meds, it was to the Chinese herbalist we went. We’re talking in the middle of Chinatown, getting my herbs from an […] Read more »

Local Spotlight: Karis Academy

Scholars, educators, and researchers all agree: learning a second language for your child has many benefits. During a generation of acute social awareness in our fast-changing society, kids these days experience a new kind of global village during the daily comings and goings. From experiencing cultural days at school to […] Read more »

Spotlight: The Africa Project (TAP)

The Africa Project is an organization that is near and dear to me. I had first come to know of them when the Executive Director came and enlightened my High School students about the work they were doing in Africa. Educating the community and anyone they can reach, The Africa […] Read more »

Local Spotlight: ME Weddings and Events

The bent knee. The shiny ring. The tears, phone calls, and crazy friends. The magazines. The hair pulling. The frazzled mess. Every bride-to-be starts off with an elated sense of bliss and visions of a perfect wedding day. Then the planning begins and perfection starts to unravel. Then come THE […] Read more »

New Starbucks, Walmart Coming to Irvine

When convenience and caffeine run your day, what better way to get your fix than a drive-thru Starbucks?! Alas, it is not a mirage but the familiar green siren welcoming those who need her.  Located in the Von Karman Plaza in Irvine, this new Starbucks is near familiar stores such as Joann’s, […] Read more »

Local OC Spotlight: The Iron Press

Driving to work, driving home, running errands, having appointments, taking care of bills, kids, sickies, housework….ahhhh!  Our daily grind at times calls for some serious comfort food. And beer. Some nice cold beer. Fortunately, there is an oasis called The Iron Press. When you want the comfort of home style […] Read more »

Local Spotlight: Financially Yours

These days everyone is experiencing some kind of penny-pinching.  One less latte a week.  One less dinner out.  One more DIY project to work on.  With gas prices going up and paychecks going down, our finances are becoming more and more part of our daily conversation.  From tips from talk […] Read more »