Buying a home…

In short, you get a CPA, a UC Berkeley grad, a valedictorian (and, when you need it, a cheerleader), a counselor, and at times, an over-protective parent.

If I did anything other than real estate now, I’d probably be a professional match-maker, and not in that Ashley Madison way. Think matching an ideal street to a young family, a perfect landscape artist to a new mom-and-pop coffee house, or just the right caterer to a friend’s wedding… I get positively giddy when I’m able to bridge the distance between someone’s desires and what they seek. Ultimately, when buying a home with me as your advisor, this is what you get: a strategic, well-planned and well-researched march to your destination with minimal casualties on both sides. Because in a competitive market, buying a home is more akin to going to battle than playing a friendly game of chess.

I bring every ounce of my previous experience, education, and scrappy-ness to the field.

In short, you get a CPA, a UC Berkeley grad, a valedictorian (and, when you need it, a cheerleader), a counselor, and at times, an over-protective parent.

This is what the process of buying a home with me will look like:

  • I learn all I can (all you are willing to tell me) about your needs, desires, wants, habits. We can do it over coffee, or strolling the streets of some of the areas, or text, email, FaceTime – whichever works for you. The discoveries we make during these conversations should help us narrow down the search for not only the right sort of a home, but that one perfect corner of a perfect street in an ideal neighborhood for you and yours, a place that feels from the get-go like it was meant to be.
  • Once we find such a place (or as close to it as we can reasonably get), I will handle every detail of every bit of paperwork that we’ll need, help you deal with financing if needed, keep up-to-the-minute track of every little tiny thing that could go wrong, and do everything in my power to make sure nothing does. I will communicate with you throughout this process in a manner you want me to and however often you want me to keep you updated.
  • Once your offer is accepted and we are in escrow, I will diligently handle any contingencies, inspections, repairs and anything else that might arise. Should something come up at this stage – I’ll negotiate for a better price or repairs allowances on your behalf.
  • Once all of that is taken care of, I’ll make sure all the pieces are moving along smoothly and will keep track of everything that needs to happen to get you into your new home on your desired move-in date.
  • After closing and a celebratory martini, I’ll do everything I can to help you truly get settled. I’ll advise you on everything you need to know about local resources, utilities, taxation and the like. I’ll help you find that perfect lawn care person or a pool guy. In short, I’ll be around for any questions you might have, whether a week or a year from when you move in.

If this suits you, give me a call, text, or e-mail.


Working with Alicia Mendoza was an absolutely wonderful experience. She ensures that her customer is 100% satisfied and comfortable with the work she is performing. Unlike other real estate agents Alicia will never force her decisions on you. She is not forceful with you at all and will never force you to make a decision you are not comfortable with. Her technical knowledge of the field, current market, overall economy, housing construction, negotiation process, documentation management, and required paperwork is superior in quality. Her meticulous nature is extremely helpful in understanding the fine details of the buying process including details within the contracts. At all times Alicia is able to effectively communicate her thoughts in a clear and concise manner. In addition whenever I had questions she was always able to respond in a timely manner by email or phone. Her technical knowledge, communication skills, professionalism, and work ethic are a great asset for anyone looking to purchase a home. As a result I would recommend Alicia to anyone looking to purchase a house.
simirza1234 via Zillow
Being a first time home buyer, Alicia was very helpful and patient throughout the whole process. She explained every step, what it entailed, and how it affected me as a home owner/buyer. Alicia also provided great info. regarding the homes we visited. When it's time for me to search for another house, I would definitely work with Alicia again!
Blood Stone 3 via Zillow
Alicia is the best hands down! She is the A team and will get the job done. I met with her January 2013 telling her what I wanted in my new home. I knew this would be my forever home so I wasn't going to settle. I had many concerns especially regarding the schools and neighborhoods and she was able to put my mind at ease all hours of the day. We would be texting bright and early in the morning and late at night before bed. She even reached out to people she knew to help me feel more comfortable with the schools around the area and suggested I tour the schools as well. She is very knowledgeable about anything and everything and if she doesn't know it, which is rare, she would find out and get back to me ASAP! After 2 offers we lost due to cash buyers, she wrote a nice cover letter for us for our current home and we got it! It's been a little over a year and we couldn't be happier! She also helped us find renters for our other home and that went just as smoothly. You will be thoroughly satisfied with Alicia's professionalism and knowledge. It helps that she's likeable too! Thanks Alicia!
lphamngo - via Zillow


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