What Features Do Buyers Value in a Home?

Just sharing a visual of the features that buyers value in a home, provided by a survey done by the California Association of REALTORS®.  Click on the image below for a closer look at it.


Sellers:  You may not be able to change any of these features in your home upon selling it, but something to keep in mind when trying to understand why buyers may not be willing to pay the price you desire.

Buyers:  If you agree with all of this, keep in mind that sellers may demand a higher price if such features exist for a given home.  And if these features appeal to you, it’s highly likely that they will appeal to many other buyers as well.

For more info about selling or buying a home in today’s market in Orange County, please feel free to contact me.

What you may have heard about the market earlier in 2013 may not apply to the market now, so prepare yourself and set your expectations appropriately!



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